The beginning of our story

The agricultural history of the Leonello family dates back to the end of the 1800s in Sinopoli, a small village in the Aspromonte area where the Leonello brothers began the centuries-old activity of trading livestock and milling olives with the rent of a water mill.

It's in 1930s that Pietro Leonello gave a decisive turning point for the following years. In fact, he decides to move to Polistena, home to one of the most important livestock markets of the time. It is here and in the neighboring municipalities that he buys the initial hectares of olive and citrus-growing land. In the following years the business expanded, having its continuity with Ferdinando Leonello, whom he bought in 1959 its own oil mill with the most modern hydraulic presses. It is always Ferdinando who increases the extension of the farm with the acquisition of further land plots. The business thus obtains an ever greater working autonomy which allows it to expand and establish itself in the territory.

Learn from yesterday

The company expanded further with Pietro Leonello, when other land was purchased to be used for olive and citrus cultivation as well as a modern continuous cycle oil mill in 1989.

It was in 1999 that the business was transferred, due to space requirements, to a new larger industrial building, capable of accommodating the ever increasing demand for olive pressing of the Pianesi farms, in which two modern lines of mills are installed.

The innovation in the agricultural field continues with the eradication of the blond orange cultivar in favor of the "tangelo nova" mandarin orange, of navel oranges, of lemons and of the green mandarin.

For over 10 years the company has also obtained the recognition of biological agriculture, making official what has always been the cultivation method of the Leonello family.

Live for today

The company has reached its fourth generation, with the brothers Ferdinando, Beatrice and Francesco. All three choose to specialize in various university studies, aiming to make the family business increasingly competitive nationally and internationally.

It is with this in mind that we take the path of direct sales, aiming to bring the authentic flavors of Calabria from farm to table.

The attention to quality, which has always been pursued by the company, now becomes a fundamental cornerstone and a real mission.

Hope for tomorrow

The experience deriving from the past, the respect for traditions and the desire to improve create the perfect combination of old and new guard, with the aim of excelling in the agri-food field.